20/20 never looked so good. It's time to show off those healthy, beautiful eyes.

When it comes to eyewear, one size doesn’t fit all!

Various lifestyles, occupations and activities require different types of frames and lenses. Matching your unique lifestyle needs with the appropriate eyewear will not only improve vision and protect your eyes, but also can enhance your look, performance, safety and comfort.

Lens Options

Choosing the appropriate lenses can help you protect your eyes, increase your comfort and enhance your performance at work or at play. Whether you are looking for lightweight and comfortable lenses, impact-resistant lenses, anti-reflective lenses, scratch-resistant lenses, computer lenses or convenient ultra-violet (UV) protection, there is a lens that can be customized for you.

Frame Options

There are a wide variety of frame materials which can impact performance, durability and comfort, such as titanium, memory metals, stainless steel and numerous high-tech options in plastic. Style features such as non-slip bridges, gripper temples and spring hinges add value and comfort to eyeglass frames.

Transitions Lenses

Transitions lenses are clear indoors and at night but automatically adjust their level of tint to changing light conditions outdoors. They provide visual comfort and quality at any and every moment, helping you to see better today. And just like sunblock protects your skin, Transitions lenses help preserve the health and wellness of your eyes for the future by blocking 100% of harmful UV rays, so you can see better tomorrow, too.

Eyeglass Guide

Looking for more information on the many lenses available to you? This online tool from Transitions® will guide you through a series of questions about your lifestyle and your specific eyewear needs. At the end, you’ll receive eyewear suggestions specifically tailored to meet your needs.

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